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Deep-drawing tools (blister forms)
                  Forming tools for deep-drawing of foils

Our precise deep-drawing tools can be individually manufactured for the most diverse blister requirements.

According to the choice of the customer, the cavity of the deep-drawing tool (blister form) can be produced for
tablets (forming tool for tablet packaging systems / blister machines),
capsules (forming tool for capsule packaging systems),
ampoules (forming tool for ampoule packaging systems),
coated tablets (forming tool for coated tablet packaging systems)
or suppositories (forming tool for suppository packaging system).

Deep-drawing tools / Deep-drawing tool (parts / blister forms) for blister packaging systems / blister maschine

  Deep-drawing tools / Deep-drawing tool for blister machine / tablet maschines
    blistermaschine / blister maschine
    tablet packaging machine tool